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Successes in the silicone industry - development projects with high-profile industrial customers

MUNDITECH has reached another significant milestone. Following the successful use of Mundex in silicones and the associated contribution to sustainability, MUNDITECH has now launched its first development projects with high-profile industrial customers!

These new partnerships will enable MUNDITECH to use "Mundex silicones" in a wide range of products and applications from its industrial partners. From sanitary facilities and swimming pools to saunas and wellness areas - the innovative technology will now also increase hygienic safety in these areas while protecting the environment. MUNDITECH will also work with industry partners to replace toxic biocides with Mundex in building and window silicones, bringing about a positive change in the construction industry.

The fact that renowned industrial customers are taking advantage of MUNDITECH's technology underlines the relevance of the sustainable technology platform.


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