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Hygiene solutions are always individual,

so are solutions with Mundex.

Product properties that you need!

In order to meet special requirements, MUNDITECH, as a hygiene expert, develops customised formulations for the permanent biocide-free antimicrobial finishing of a wide variety of surfaces and materials or for integration into different products – with exactly the product properties you need!

MUNDITECH product development

The way to a tailor-made hygiene solution for your product.



Save on research and development, with Mundex your tailor-made hygiene solution is ready as quickly as possible. Thanks to the immediate effect with a long-term effect, your ongoing time and cost expenditure is kept to a minimum.


Like all Mundex products, your customised solution primarily uses naturally renewable resources and is completely biodegradable. This reduces your CO2 footprint and makes a major contribution to environmental protection.

long-term effect

Mundex permanently convinces with a reliable anti-microbial all-round protection for your surfaces/products. The permanent effect ensures hygiene and safety. Every day!

Without biocides

All high-tech hygiene solutions with Mundex eliminate bacteria (e.g. MRSA), viruses (including corona viruses) and prevent the formation of mould and algae within seconds or on contact - without biocides that could harm health or the environment.

short development time

Take advantage of the Mundex technology platforms and thus our years of know-how in the production of permanently anti-microbial surfaces. On this sound basis, your hygiene solution can be configured within a very short time.

individual properties

There is the right hygiene solution for every task: simply add further, specific properties to your product formulation, e.g. a water-repellent or odour-binding effect. As always: without toxic biocides.

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