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A technology for sustainable hygiene –

with immediate effect

The chemical and physical composition of Mundex hygiene coatings and products equipped with Mundex technology is modelled on the natural structure of microorganisms. This enables hydrophobic interactions between the microorganisms and the MUNDITECH products. This means: Mundex disrupts the integrity of the cell membranes so that the microorganisms are destroyed purely physically.

High-tech hygiene that works – purely physically

The solution for long-term hygienic surfaces/products: Physics! With Mundex, there are no chemical reactions or ionic interactions. The purely physical, antimicrobial effect starts immediately on contact and is permanent.

5 strong reasons for Mundex

1. Physical effect

Mundex has a purely physical – and therefore self-disinfecting – effect. Without nanoparticles or active substances that could be washed out and enter the body or the environment.

2. Environmentally friendly solution

Hygiene coatings/products with Mundex are completely biodegradable and consist largely of naturally renewable raw materials.

3. Permanent effect

Once applied, Mundex has a permanent effect. Thanks to its long-term effect, Mundex solutions are highly efficient as well as saving time and money.

4. No biocides

Mundex hygiene coatings/products do not contain any toxic ingredients or biocides. This is good for health, the environment and sustainability.

5. Very high antimicrobial activity

Mundex surface coatings/products are proven to be 99.99999% effective against bacteria (e.g. staphylococci, E. coli), viruses (including corona viruses), mould and algae.

The right basis for your application

With Mundex, there are many ways to provide surfaces/products with a biocide-free and antimicrobial finish. Depending on the application and application method, the technologies Mundex WMundex L, Mundex HS or Mundex B are used - and customised product formulations.

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