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Mundex from MUNDITECH can prevent the development of resistance!

Multi-resistant germs are causing increasing problems worldwide - Mundex from MUNDITECH can prevent the development of resistance! According to the RKI, more than 1.3 million people in the world died in 2022 directly from an infection with an antibiotic-resistant pathogen (MRSA). In almost five million deaths, such an infection was at least partly responsible for the death, reports an international group of experts in the specialist magazine “The Lancet”. Antibiotic resistance is one of the most common causes of death worldwide. “These data reveal the true extent of the problem of antimicrobial resistance worldwide and are a clear signal that we must act now,” writes co-author Chris Murray. “We must use these data to correct course and drive innovation as we move forward "We want to be ahead of the race against antibiotic resistance." The aim must be to largely avoid infections through improved hygiene. And this is exactly where MUNDITECH comes in with the world's only physically effective technology to eliminate germs in such a way that the development of resistance is ruled out. MUNDITECH recently filed another patent application that secures its use as a long-term disinfectant. Whether as a cleaning or disinfectant, which closes the gap between the disinfection phases with a correspondingly long-lasting antimicrobial protective layer, or via antimicrobial coatings, which have a permanent effect and therefore eliminate all germs immediately upon contact and therefore in all necessary places for appropriate hygiene ensures. Mundex is the sustainable solution without pollutants (biocides) that ensures greater safety in hygiene. It breaks the chains of infection right from the start and thus offers permanent infection protection in the healthcare sector that has never been achieved before.


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