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Extending the shelf life of food with Mundex

MUNDITECH achieved another milestone result in February 2023 and received certification for direct food contact for the product Mundex WF.

This means that, for the first time in the food packaging sector, it is possible to package food in a biocide-free antimicrobial way and thus in a way that is completely harmless to health and environmentally compatible.

In addition, Mundex WF has the effect of extending the shelf life of fresh, perishable foodstuffs and, depending on the design of the packaging, by several times the average shelf life compared to packaging without Mundex WF coating.

In Germany alone, a total of around 12 million tonnes of food are destroyed every year because they spoil prematurely. Of this, 34% is fruit and vegetables.[1]

As part of the certification, the equipment of consumer goods with Mundex WF, which are used in close contact with food or humans, was also certified.


[1], last access: 17.01.2022


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