Mundex Cleaner - antibacterial & antiviral

Cleaning and care products for antibacterial and antiviral surfaces treated with Mundex

For cleaning surfaces treated with Mundex L or Mundex W, we recommend our Mundex Cleaner, which is tailored to our products.

The Mundex Cleaner removes deposits (dirt, inactivated bacteria and viruses) without leaving residues, so that the antibacterial and antiviral activity of the Mundex coatings is well preserved.


  • Apply Mundex Cleaner sparingly to the surface to be cleaned and spread with a cloth.
  • Allow Mundex Cleaner to react for 10-20 seconds after application. (Note that only a very thin layer is needed to achieve a good cleaning result).
  • Remove the cleaner residues and dirt with a cloth soaked in water.

Product properties

Mundex Cleaner is suitable for cleaning surfaces treated with Mundex. Mundex Cleaner infiltrates the dirt and detaches it from the surface so that it can be easily removed. This preserves the antibacterial and antiviral effect of the Mundex coating.