MUNDEX helps against corona viruses

The current situation is becoming more and more acute and resources are lacking at every turn. Disinfectant is a rare commodity in these times. Many people resort indiscriminately to solutions which, however, are usually only effective against micro-organisms in the short term.

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Our vision

We want to set new standards in hygiene with environmentally friendly solutions.
Our mission is to protect people's health by using natural resources.

- Dr. Klaus Schepers, CEO

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Mundex L is a specially modified solvent-based polymer coating. It is scratch-resistant and has a permanent antimicrobial effect by purely physical/mechanical interactions.

Mundex W is a specially modified aqueous polymer emulsion. It is suitable for coating materials with medium requirements on scratch resistance - solvent-free.

Mundex B is a specially modified aqueous polymer emulsion.
It has an antimicrobial effect and hardens at temperatures of 120-180°C within minutes.

Cleaning and care product for antibacterial and antiviral surfaces equipped with mundex.

Selected References

Our coatings use a new, purely physical mechanism and contain no biocides.

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