The chemical and physical properties of our MAT® hygienic coatings are based on the natural structure of microorganisms. This enables hydrophobic interactions between the microorganisms and our products, which disrupts the integrity of the cell membrane, so that it is destroyed by purely physical/mechanical action:

Without MAT® polymer coating
Microorganisms colonize the surface and can multiply.

With MAT® coating
Microorganisms are killed on contact with the MAT® coating.

Physical effect
There is no chemical reaction or ionic interaction.

This purely physical/mechanical mechanism of action is particularly fast, so that the antimicrobial effect sets in within a few minutes (example: Mundex L):

The MAT® coating is permanently effective because no active ingredients are released or released.

Unique selling points

  • Environmentally friendly
  • no nanoparticles
  • no washing out of active substances
  • long lasting (permanent( effect
  • no biocides

Very high antimicrobial activity

  • 99.99999% killing rates in surface tests (JIS Z 2801)
  • Staph. aureus: R > 7.22 (24h)
  • E. Coli: R > 6.93 (24h)
  • Corona viruses: R = > 4 (8h)