Mundex W - biocide-free & antimicrobial

Water-based self-disinfecting polymer emulsion

Mundex W is a specially modified water-based polymer emulsion based on special polymer blends. After curing, Mundex W shows strong antimicrobial properties which are exclusively due to hydrophobic interactions of the cured polymer emulsion with the cell membrane of microorganisms. This antimicrobial effect is purely physical/mechanical and not due to chemical or ionic interactions. Chemical and physical properties of the polymer coating have been modelled on the natural structure of microorganisms to the greatest possible extent. Mundex W is free of biocides and nanoparticles.

Mundex W – for wall tiles, wallpaper and seat covers

Surface sealing: Up to 6 months protection against viruses and bacteria and more, depending on surface wear and tear


Step 1:

  • Seat covers are evenly sprayed with Mundex W using a sprayer (fine spray nozzle) (approx. 20-25 g/m2). Wall tiles or wallpaper are coated with a conventional paint roller.


  • An antimicrobial polymer layer is formed. After approx. 60 minutes, the surface is dry.
  • Mundex W is not resistant to alcohol-based disinfectants.

Technical Data

  • Solids content: ca. 30 %
  • Delivered: ca. 30 % in Water

Packaging and storage

  • Packaging: 200 kg drum │ 1000 kg IBC │Further container sizes on request.
  • Small container sizes: 5 l, 20 l, 200 l, 1000 l
  • Safety data sheet on request


  • 1 l Mundex W | from 500 pieces: price on written request
  • 5 l Mundex W | from 500 pieces: Price on written request


Antimicrobial effect tested by independent testing laboratories: 

> 99.99 %  against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (tested according to JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196 against Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa)
> 99 %       against Legionella (tested according to JIS Z2801 / ISO 22196 against Legionella pneumophila, effect within 4 hours)
> 99 %       against enveloped viruses (tested according to screening test S2 based on the RKI guideline (1995) and ISO 21702:2019 against coronaviruses, effect within 8 hours)