Antimicrobial coatings

We started the development of antimicrobial additives and surface coatings with antimicrobial functionalities in 2011 to improve hygienic conditions in miscellaneous applications. Various patent applications have been filed during the past years. Our products can be incorporated in various materials like paints & coatings, wood, plastics or other materials to provide antimicrobial functionality. Our antimicrobial coatings use a physical mechanism to provide an antimicrobial functionality and are free of toxic biocides. Based on this innovative technology we develop customized formulations and solutions for our clients and licence out the technologies – dependent on applications and substrates like:


coatings for floorings, furniture, equipment for sauna or sport centres


coatings for metals and alloys in various applications


coatings and additives for thermoplastics, duroplastics and elastomers in appliances, air conditioners or cooling systems


coatings for sanitary equipment, wall, floor and roof tiles