Short Facts

We have discovered a new mechanism of action to combat bacteria, enveloped viruses (including coronaviruses), mold and algae. Mundex works permanently 24 hours a day purely physically without biocidal agents and is therefore particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly - for a period of up to 1 year.


Free from biocides

Biocidal active ingredients are designed to repel or kill so-called harmful organisms. However, these usually toxic active ingredients also affect so-called non-target organisms. Thus, there is a risk that biocidal active substances have an unwanted effect in the environment and on humans. Due to a wide variety of applications, direct and indirect inputs of biocidal products or their degradation products into the environment occur. By substituting biocide products with our sustainable technology, the uptake of harmful biocides into the environment is avoided.

Up to 70% cost savings

By using our sustainable hygiene coatings, the use of harmful disinfectants can be significantly reduced. After a single application, the sustainable hygiene coatings have a highly efficient antimicrobial effect for 365 days or more (depending on surface wear). This leads on the one hand to a significant cost saving and on the other hand to an extensive reduction in the use of toxic biocides (usually harmful substances) in the environment.

Permanent effectiveness

With Mundex hygiene coatings, we close the gap between individual disinfection cycles and create permanently antimicrobial surfaces - and that with a single application over a period of up to 1 year and longer (depending on surface wear).

In combination products in which Mundex has been integrated in the production process, the mechanism of action of Mundex remains 100% permanent.

> 99.99% efficacy

Mundex is a milestone in the control of bacteria, enveloped viruses and molds. With a germ reduction of 95%, already after 5 minutes, Mundex interrupts the infection chains from the beginning and thus offers a permanent infection protection in an absolutely harmless and sustainable way, which has never been achieved before.