Technologieland Hessen: Basic hygiene protection against corona viruses from Central Hessen

Giessen - The Giessen-based company Munditia Technologies GmbH has developed an antiviral and antibacterial surface coating with long-term effect that kills SARS-CoV-2 viruses. In addition to classic wipe disinfection, the product developed by founder and managing director Dr. Schepers can be an additional building block in the fight against the ongoing global corona crisis.

Aim: effective and long-lasting protection between disinfections

"One must be aware that our product should not be seen as a substitute for conventional surface disinfection", says Dr. Schepers, "rather, it is a supplementary measure that provides permanent basic hygiene protection between disinfection cycles. While disinfectants act very quickly, their effect is limited in time. By using our self-disinfecting coatings, bacteria and enveloped viruses on the treated surfaces are killed again and again on contact within a few hours. Particularly in these days, when companies have to put up with a lot of effort in order to disinfect door handles, railings and handrails, our products are an ideal complement to protect the company and its employees.

Wide and easy to use

The products can be used to treat almost any surface such as metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass, wallpaper, non-woven fabrics and textiles afterwards - for example, by applying them with a cloth, similar to a paint.
"We recommend renewing the coating after 3-4 months," says Dr. Schepers.

Mode of action

The products act purely physically / mechanically by contact with the cell membrane of bacteria and enveloped viruses and do not release any active substances into the environment. Due to the patented technology, the product does not require labelling and is free of biocides.

"Simplified one can imagine this new purely physical mechanism of action like a nail board on which a water balloon lands" says the founder Dr. Schepers. "The integrity of the cell membrane is destroyed and the pathogens die off".

Making technology accessible

The products are ready for sale and can be ordered by interested parties immediately from Munditia Technologies GmbH.


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