Süddeutsche Zeitung: High-tech company MUNDITECH on growth course - Sustainable investment opportunities for smart investors

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported this week about our crowdfunding campaign:

"The young company Munditia Technologies GmbH (MUNDITECH) from Giessen develops, produces and markets unique permanently acting antimicrobial hygiene coatings under the umbrella brand Mundex. The novel technology is a milestone in the fight against viruses (e.g. coronaviruses), bacteria, molds or algae. Currently, potential investors have the opportunity to participate in the profitable future of MUNDITECH within the framework of a crowdinvesting campaign starting at an amount of 100 Euros.

Dr. Klaus Schepers, founder and CEO of MUNDITECH, sees his company's technology platform in a leading position in the field of hygiene coatings. "The technological active principle we discovered and patented for killing viruses and bacteria on a wide variety of surfaces is far superior to all competing products, especially conventional disinfectants, in several respects." The "coatings" can be applied subsequently to a wide variety of surfaces and have a strong antimicrobial effect around the clock for up to a year or more (depending on surface wear). In addition, Mundex coatings can be incorporated into materials or fabrics during the manufacturing process to provide them with a permanent antimicrobial finish.

Biocide-free and environmentally friendly protection

Due to the purely physical principle of action, the coatings are, in contrast to other competing products, solely biocide-free and thus sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company's growth potential is correspondingly high, as the products can be used highly efficiently in many industries and sectors of the economy and public life, and this worldwide. Hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, hotels, schools, kindergartens, offices and airplanes, rail vehicles, cruise ships, buses, etc., as well as food packaging, nonwovens or even paints and coatings are examples where Mundex can bring its unique advantages to bear.

Prof. Dr. Markus Egert of Furtwangen University, one of Germany's leading hygienists, provides scientific support for MUNDITECH. He confirms the highly efficient and permanent antimicrobial effect of Mundex coatings through a purely physical mechanism of action without the use of harmful biocides.

Crowdinvesting for faster company growth

Via the crowdinvesting platform FunderNation, investors currently have the opportunity to participate in the growth success of MUNDITECH from 100 euros. For business angels, alternative investment options are granted depending on the investment volume.

MUNDITECH's CFO, Andreas Fritsch, a long-standing fund manager in the venture capital sector, is responsible in particular for the areas of financing as well as patent and strategy issues. "The funds raised via crowdinvesting enable us to accelerate the company's growth. Since this year, MUNDITECH has been granted the patents without any objections. Now is the time to push the marketing of our products also beyond national borders and to expand the industrial business in particular. We see great opportunities for growth in this area in particular."

Detailed information about MUNDITECH and the investment opportunities for investors are provided on the MUNDITECH homepage www.munditech.de as well as on the FunderNation homepage www.fundernation.eu.

More about the crowdinvesting campaign:

Munditia Technologies GmbH | Digital Investing with FunderNation (https://www.fundernation.eu/investments/munditia-technologies-gmbh#beschreibung)


More about the Munditech company:

Munditia Technologies GmbH (Munditech), based in Giessen, Germany, produces and markets innovative branded and patented hygiene coatings for the production of permanently antimicrobial and self-disinfecting surfaces. The products can be processed in conventional manufacturing processes. The MAT® polymer coatings (MAT®: MUNDITECH Antimicrobial Technology) act on a purely physical basis and are free of biocides. The name Munditech is composed of the words Munditia Technologies GmbH. Munditia is the goddess of purity and cleanliness. Tech stands for technology."


Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung: High-tech company MUNDITECH on growth course - Sustainable investment opportunities for smart investors. posted: 13/01/2022.