Munditia Technologies - Extending the shelf life of food with Mundex

In Germany alone, a total of around 12 million tons of food are destroyed each year because they spoil prematurely. Of this, 34% is fruit and vegetables.[1]

MUNDITECH has obtained clear findings after the first series of tests in its own facilities that the shelf life of food can be significantly extended with the help of Mundex.

How was the experiment conducted?
Dr. Klaus Schepers (CEO MUNDITECH) "The experiment was relatively simple. We coated the inside of a beaker with Mundex and placed a tomato inside. We then sealed the beaker airtight with cling film. We did the same with an uncoated beaker, which served as a blind sample. After 10 days, we observed an enormous fungal infestation in the blind sample. No fungal infestation could be identified in the tomato in the coated beaker. The result could be confirmed by two further series of tests."
What are the applications in the food sector?
K.S.: "Applications include food packaging for perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables, etc., or food wrapping papers for sausage and meat products. The direct use of Mundex as protection for e.g. nuts like avocados or bananas is also conceivable."
What are the next steps up to a successful market launch?
K.S: "The effects we have observed must be confirmed by an external laboratory in the next step. For a successful market launch, we then need approval for food contact. We expect to obtain this approval without much effort." 

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