MUNDITECH starts first very promising development projects for the plastics industry

In the future, the world's only environmentally friendly and sustainable antimicrobial technology is also to be used in the plastics industry. First, very promising development projects for the processing of Mundex in plastics have already been started. In the future, mobile phone covers, screen foils and other plastic products for everyday use can be sustainably antimicrobial (permanent elimination of viruses and bacteria) directly in the industrial process. 

The antimicrobial plastics market was valued at USD 28.12 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period to reach USD 49.18 billion by 2026. 

Current solutions for antimicrobial plastics are harmful biocidal additives which are added to a polymer. Metals such as copper, silver and zinc or antimicrobial organic agents are often used for this purpose. The disadvantage of current antimicrobial plastic solutions is that the biocidal active ingredients are "washed out" of the plastic, which means that on the one hand the antimicrobial effect of the plastic is lost and on the other hand harmful biocides are released into the environment. When Mundex is processed in plastics, on the other hand, the antimicrobial effect of the plastic is permanently preserved because no active substances are "washed out". With Mundex, on the one hand, hygiene protection is never lost and, on the other hand, no toxic biocides are released into the environment. 

In the future, MUNDITECH will also set another milestone for more sustainability in the plastics industry.