MUNDEX helps against corona viruses

The current situation is becoming more and more acute and resources are lacking at every turn. Disinfectant is a rare commodity in these times. Many people resort indiscriminately to solutions which, however, are usually only effective against micro-organisms in the short term.

After curing, our MAT® hygienic coatings show self-disinfecting, strongly antimicrobial properties. This purely physical/mechanical mechanism of action is particularly fast, so that the antimicrobial effect sets in within a few minutes. However, the Eurovir® hygiene laboratory has tested whether this also helps against the corona viruses that are currently spreading rapidly.

The laboratory in Luckenwalde tested both our MUNDEX L and MUNDEX W. Three test surfaces (frosted glass germ carriers) were used for this test, each of which was wetted with the TGEV corona virus (Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus of Swine) as a model virus for SARS-CoV. The test area was coated with MUNDEX L, the test area 2 with MUNDEX W. The third test area remained uncoated as a so-called zero sample for comparison.

The report of the hygiene laboratory states: "For the product Mundex L a very convincing efficacy could be proven with a virus reduction of more than 99.99 % compared to the TGEV corona virus. Already after 8 h (and also after 24 h) no residual virus was detectable".

Our MUNDEX W was also highly effective against the TGEV corona virus. It achieved a reduction of more than 99.97%. After 24 h no residual virus was detectable.

In conclusion, Eurovir® reports: "It can be stated that the proven virus reduction can be causally attributed to the various active components (within the coating) and that good or very good efficacy against the TGEV coronavirus (as a model virus for SARS-CoV) was recorded.

This all sounds very complicated at first, but the most important statement of this test is that MUNDEX L and W are proven to destroy corona viruses. In the current situation it is therefore an effective protection against the spread of COVID-19.

MUNDEX provides an antimicrobial and self-disinfecting finish on surfaces such as metal, ceramics, glass, wood, most plastic surfaces, non-woven fabrics, textiles or paper and this over a period of several months.

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You can find the complete report of the Eurovir® hygiene laboratory here: