More safety for passengers in Delmenhorst

Delbus is upgrading its protection measures with the help of Munditech.

The bus company from Delmenhorst plays a pioneering role in northwest Germany and ensures greater safety for its passengers. In addition to the nationwide compulsory use of masks in public transport, a total of 32 buses are now equipped with an anti-corona coating, for which they have used the reinforced Munditech Mundex.

The coating kills bacteria, viruses and germs within a short period of time and thus provides greater protection against smear infections. Not only the handrails and stop buttons, but also the upholstery and seat handles have been equipped with Mundex - all surfaces with which a passenger comes into contact.

Delbus managing director Carsten Hoffmann tells more about the hygienic equipment of his buses in this radio interview.



Here you can read the complete newspaper article about it.


Source: Neue Osnabr├╝cker Zeitung: bus traffic in Delmenhorst. This is how the Delbus wants to protect passengers from corona infections. Frederik Grabbe. 17.07.2020. Link: