Hit Radio FFH: Invention from Gießen - making surfaces permanently virus-free

On 27.04.2020 the Hessian radio station Hit Radio FFH presented Mundex in an article.

Never before have disinfectants accompanied us through our everyday lives as they do now: in our own handbag, at the entrance to the bookstore, when picking up our car before going shopping in the supermarket. The problem: disinfectants work quickly, usually within 30 seconds, but also only briefly. As soon as new viruses or bacteria buzz past, the effect is no longer effective.

Disinfect surfaces permanently

The situation is different with an invention made in Giessen: Natural scientist and entrepreneur Klaus Schepers from Giessen has invented a coating that keeps surfaces permanently clean. Strictly speaking, this is not actually a disinfectant, says the managing director of Munditech. This is because they normally work chemically, with the help of alcohol.

Herbal active ingredient

His invention, Mundex, on the other hand, works mechanically, with a plant-based active ingredient. Applied to a surface, the agent coats it like a second skin and kills bacteria and viruses equally - a study has also shown that the coronavirus SARS CoV 2. In simple terms, the coating pricks a hole in the surface of the virus and thus kills it.

Retirement homes apply it to door handles and handrails

Scheper's company Munditech from Gießen has already sold the product to retirement homes and the paper industry, among others. Now, during the Corona pandemic, he is constantly receiving new inquiries. Up to now Munditech has only sold the long-term coating to major customers, but in the medium term Mundex is to be available for private use as well. Schepers can imagine that it will also be sold in drugstores for example, he says in the FFH discussion.

You can find the complete article here.

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Source: Hit Radio FFH: Radio / Tele FFH GmbH & Co. Betriebs-KG | Miriam Bott | 27.04.2020 | https://www.ffh.de/nachrichten/hessen/mittelhessen/toController/Topic/toAction/show/toId/238264/toTopic/erfindung-aus-giessen-dauerhaft-virenfreie-flaechen.html